I’m your qualified Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist.

I feel like my life really began on the 27th of March 2009, when I stepped foot onto a plane in Latvia, destination UK. I moved to this country with one suitcase, £50 and a head full of big dreams.
My eyes were wide with hope and expectations and I felt equipped to deal with anything having grown up on the streets. I knew my life was going to be nothing less than exciting and that I would find my life’s purpose here. It would be epic.
I’ve been told that my energy is contagious and I have great vibes…. I do believe I am a very positive person, who has been challenged a few times by others, but every time I have come back from these challenges positive and relaxed.
I realise that no woman’s life is perfect, I’ve been told that perfection doesn’t exist but when I look in the mirror I feel that I’ve achieved a life that feels very near perfect!!!
In 2016 I took the biggest risk of my life by starting Tecna Fit. I provided online fitness and life coaching, building meaningful work-based relationships with all of my clients.

Ready to go into hypnosis?

I use a unique method of Rapid Hypnosis and content free sessions. I don't need to know what happened to you in the past in order to shape your future, all you need to say is "YES, I AM READY TO"​

I am based as Hypnotherapist in Pembroke located on South Pembrokeshire, and I see clients on a one to one basis for Hypnotherapy. I also offer Zoom sessions as an alternative, so distance need not be a barrier.

Pure Hypnotherapy without psycho analysis is the most effective way to change your life.​


I see clients for a variety of conditions including:

  • weight loss
  • anxiety
  • PTSD
  • smoking cessation
  • test taking
  • phobias (such as fear of flying)
  • nail biting
  • IBS
  • road rage
  • anger management
  • general wellness
  • pre-surgical and pre-dental pain control
  • natural childbirth
  • sport performance
  • corporate events or seminars
  • and many others

Please contact me if you have any issue not listed that you would like to discuss.​

See what others are saying about their experience:

  • Rachel
    I reached out to Ernestina through her social media because I was following her for a while and I knew I can trust her, she is a very opened minded and straight forward coach. I love that. She gave me a hypnosis session last Wednesday. It was a very interesting, soul-cleansing, and intimate experience. I'm already feeling a lot of weight off my shoulders and some positive impact. My mindset shifted and became more positive. I feel much happier. I'll be definitely using her hypnosis sessions in the future.
  • Karolina

    I highly recommend Ernestina. She's a great fitness coach and hypnotherapist. She has helped me numerous times to deal with the post-competition blues, shared with me her knowledge, experience and also listened to me patiently.

  • Andrew
    If you are sceptic about hypnotherapy, don't know if it works or not, DO NOT hesitate, you should try it! Don't worry, Ernestina will not ask about your past or anything, she'll will only gently guide you through the whole process and you will feel amazing after.

Get in touch NOW and find out how Tecna Fit can change YOUR life and improve your concentration, so YOU can really focus on everything YOU desire.​