Need help getting in shape while training at home or gym?


  • Tailored Gym/home training plans, including resistance, hiit and cardiovascular training
  • Nutritional and Supplemental plans
  • Coaching from 8 weeks to 12-36 months and longer
  • Bikini Body Transformation Programme
  • Men's Phisique


  • Peachy Booty
  • Tecna HIIT
  • Upper Body Fit
  • Jump Fitness (boots available for hire
  • Tecna FitaYog

Pricing plans


1 week food and supplemental plan


  • beginners
  • fitness enthusiasts
  • PRO's

1 week 3 in 1


  • training
  • food
  • supplements

Personal training


  • single session £40
  • block of 5 £150
  • online pt available

Online or jump fitness clients


  • single session £30
  • block of 5 £125
  • If purchasing 10 sessions - free basic food plan included

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If you want perfectly sculptured body- the best decision ever you can make is TO JOIN MY TEAM and save your time & money!

My experience in training and coaching allowed me to changed the lifestyle of more than 850 individual members, all of which are from a large range of fitness abilities and backgrounds!


•Weekly check in & review •Private social media support network •Available in 3 languages English, Russian, Latvian.

See what others are saying about their experience:

  • Alla USA
    I enjoy socializing with friends on a night out and still had managed to lose that much weight on the Tecna_Fit program! My new lifestyle has no heavy restrictions on diet and no stress, I am literally living any woman’s dream right now!💁‍♀️🥗🏋️‍♀️💃🥂👙 During the 8th week of my training I finally getting the body that I’ve always wanted; and do you want to know the best part is? My food and training plans are completely sustainable and achievable!
    Alla USA
  • Huw UK
    My first question when I saw my plan was " How am I going to loose my fat by eating so much?" Lol Been training most of my life so very stubborn with my gym stuff, but this lady has made me see things very differently, finally, I'm doing things right and loving the gym again... a little angel."
    Huw UK
  • Kate Latvia
    I feel much slimmer and stronger 💪I haven't been this weight since I was 25and I am 42 years young lady with 4 kids! I didn't know my body is capable of such a change! Over 10kg fat loss in under 12 weeks! I love fitness thanks to Tina, totally changed my mindset
    Kate Latvia
  • Oksana Germany
    I've signed up for online coaching in 2016 and enjoyed my journey. I wanted to bring fitness and healthy eating to my lifestyle.
    During online coaching I learned from Tina how my body loses fat, how to utilize workout plans to maximize fat loss, how to eat for fat loss, how to supplement to lose body fat, and how to track my own progress 💯 I have built lean muscles, feeling energetic and strong.
    If you are looking for a coach, who cares about your health and results than go no further!
    Oksana Germany
  • Craig Wales
    I know its not all about weight but tonight I set a new personal best of 140 kg deads for 4 reps, that's 50 kg more than 3 weeks ago. I'm fucxxxng loving it 🤩💪
    Craig Wales
  • Dana from Latvia
     The Head Coach of Tecna_Fit Ernestina Portnaja IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BODY & MIND TRANSFORMATION COACH IN THE AREA !!! Her CLIENT'S RESULTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!! If you want a perfectly sculptured body- the best decision ever you can make is TO JOIN TECNA_FIT TEAM and save your time & money!
    I can't wait to step on stage in 2021 and show of my hard work. Proud to represent Tecna Fit team on International stage Bikini Fitness Category
    Dana from Latvia
  • Emma UK
    So pleased that I joined the #tecna_fitteam ! I have never felt so #motivated to get fitter and #stronger and this is all thanks to Ernestina's support and encouragement. I learned so much during the personal training sessions which have massively helped my confidence in the gym. I am now happy in the weight section where previously I would never have strayed from the cardio machines 😅. After finishing the 8-week plan I am now looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with @tecna_fit 💪. If you are looking to reach your fitness goals I can highly recommend Ernestina as a PT, she will get you there 😁💪👌
    Emma UK
  • Megan UK
    Hey Tina 😁 12 weeks progress. I weighed myself this morning and I'm 64kg x I'm starting to feel really good about my weight and the way I'm looking 😁😁😁 I've been doing a lot of walks and also following along with the online videos you post. I do those 4 days a week.
    When I started with you I was 76.5kg. Flex diet plan Cals 14/../0. Fats 4/../5g. Total carbs 8/../5g. Protein 1/../5g. Xxx
    Megan UK
  • Kath Wales
     I can't believe how much my body and my mindset has changed during 16 weeks transformation. For 3 weeks I was ill and couldn't exercise and followed food plan 50/50. DESPITE ALL CHALLENGES WE HAVE ACHIEVED 13,6 kg fat loss or 2 stones 2 lbs or 30lbs. Not only this but, my upper body has been lifted and my abdominal region has become much tighter. I love my improvements in my lower body 🤩🍑💪 This was achieved through my tailored home-workout program and a few gym sessions, which aim to shred fat, while also building lean muscle mass through resistance training.
    I can't thank enough my coach and team for support.
    Kath Wales