Jumple Training Academy

In order to impregnate our values ​​and distinctive signs of the brand, we have developed an innovative training system that combines courses and international certifications . We accompany our future coaches throughout the certification process, always looking for professional development. and personal of each one of you. Learn all the secrets to become a great instructor and join the team Jumple by Aerower, along with professionals from around the world. Our goal and greatest pride is, as always, to offer the best quality, transmit the necessary knowledge to develop, grow professionally and learn all the secrets of the revolutionary Aerower Rebound System.
To this end, we have developed the Jumple by Aerower program, a basic program that allows you to learn the correct use of jumpers, the differences between rebound and propulsion techniques, their practical application to different specialization programs and their innovators. features. All this will allow you to enjoy and offer your clients a highly dynamic and motivating training This course is aimed at professionals of the world of fitness and health of all areas: university students or professional training, sports technicians, physiotherapists, dance professionals, teachers of guided classes, personal trainers, martial arts, etc. It is also aimed at professionals in the children's sector: teachers, socio-cultural animators ...
Once the course is finished, you will become a Jumple Instructor by Aerower and will be able to teach classes with the appropriate technique and the correct use of the material. If you are a dynamic person, in logic, who cares about health and well-being, these programs are for you!